As part of the review of the school Behaviour Policy (see policy page) we asked the children and parents for their views. The majority of the school community felt that a ‘team point’ system would be a positive reward system and would encourage the children to work together.

The children chose the names for the four new school teams. They thought of something that linked to Broadhembury and as there is a bridge in the village, and in the School logo,  they chose different types of bridges. They also felt bridges could symbolise working together across the school. The children painted the different types of bridges to display around the school. 

The four teams are:

  • Clapper
  • Draw
  • Arch
  • Beam

The children were also asked to compile a set of Children's Aims that they can aspire to achieving during their daily lives in school. They called these the Broadhembury Bridge Aims and during the week they gain team points by following the aims. At the end of each week a trophy of a bridge made by the forge in Branscombe is awarded to the winning team. Individual achievements linked to the Broadhembury Bridge Aims receive a certificate in the weekly sharing assembly that parents can attend.
We will try to:

  • be joyful, happy and always wear a smile
  • be respectful and considerate to everyone
  • be good learners by working hard and trying our best
  • be honest and forgiving
  • be helpful, loving and look after each other.

The children gain points for demonstrating that they are following these aims. So far the children are working really hard together to gain points and they enjoy finding out the winning team during each Friday Sharing Assembly.
Broadhembury Bridge Artwork

The pupils have all taken part in creating art work depicting the Broadhembury Bridge Aims for the School Library.
During Antibullying Week  the children helped to create this leaflet to help children understand what bullying is and how to get help.