Our Logo

Our Logo
For some time the school had been planning to design a new logo. The children were asked to think about the important things about Broadhembury CE Primary School. They came up with initial ideas that were then given to a graphic designer. The children wanted the design to include recognition that we are a church school, something linked to learning, a bridge to represent the village and our school teams, and a symbol to represent our beautiful countryside.

An initial design linking a book to the bridge was a favourite, however, it proved difficult to cut the number of colours down to embroider onto the new uniform.
The final design below (right) includes:

  • A bridge – representing our school teams and the bridge in Broadhembury
  • A cross – to show that we are a Church School
  • A book – to show our love of learning
  • A river – to represent the River Tale that flows through Broadhembury
  • A leaf – to show our great love and respect for the beautiful countryside in which our school is set.
Can you find these design elements in the new logo below?