School Aims/Ethos

School Vision, Aims and Ethos
On this page you will find the whole school Vision, Ethos and Mission Statements as well as the school aims that the governors and school staff work towards.
The children have their own aims which link to our Behaviour Policy. These are called the Broadhembury Bridge Aims and you will also see below how these link with our Core Christian Value of Love and the other Christian Values that we base our worship programme on.

Jubilee Federation Vision Statement

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire"

(St Catherine of Siena) 

As a federation we reviewed our Vision during the Autumn Term of 2018. We decided to launch the new vision statement with children and parents with a special event across the federation. During the launch week the children were immersed in some very special activities to help them to understand what the vision statement means and how it can impact on their lives. The week was so special that we created a celebratory booklet showing many of the activities the children and parents took part in.

We also found a Worship Song called 'Set the World on Fire' which we feel links well to our vision statement.

page1image3048 Our Core Values
Our values are the foundation stones of our behaviour. So from our Christian Values come the Broadhembury Bridge Aims, which guide us in how we should behave at Broadhembury CE Primary School and at home. Our values are an important part of what makes our school a happy and safe place to learn. We learn about one value in more detail each half term in Collective Worship, but we hold onto all the values all the time and express them in different ways in our school, in our learning and in our lives.
The Values for Life that we think about in worship are all based on the central value, LOVE, which is described in Colossians Ch 3, v12-15 as 'binding all the other values together in perfect unity'.