Tiverton Museum Trip

Class 2 went on an exciting, immersive and informative trip to Tiverton Museum as part of their Victorians' topic. The children got to experience a lesson in a Victorian classroom, where they learnt about the many strict rules children would have to follow - some even endured the back straightener! Later, they had hands-on experience, exploring items that would have been found in the Victorian home such as a chamber pot and a ceramic hot water bottle.

The children were fascinated to learn that John Heathcoat’s lace factory in Tiverton was the proud maker of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana’s wedding veils. They also discovered John Heathcoat’s factory conditions were much nicer than many in the height of the Industrial Revolution in Victorian times. 

This excellent experience provided inspiration for the children’s diary writing in the role of a Victorian child in literacy. They have written detailed entries which really show off their understanding of what life was like for children in this time period.