Bishop’s Visit

At the end of the Summer Term we were visited by The Bishop of Crediton to present us with our Outstanding SIAMS certificate. It was a really super morning. We held our Collective Worship outside and it was idyllic. The children gave a lovely presentation about the school values and then the Bishop gave a very entertaining talk. He used a bag of tools to tell his message.

He said that to build an outstanding school all the ‘tools’ are needed. In fact, they are all important and need one another. Jesus was a carpenter who had a very mixed bunch of friends– but they all worked together in the hope of making outstanding church.

The children held up the tools and they were described as follows -

  • Henry Hammer – goes on and on and on but sometimes hits the nail on the head.
  • Sammy Saw – sharp edges but once he gets his teeth into something will not give up.
  • Ralph Ruler – straight down the line and gets to the point.
  • Sydney Sandpaper – rough round the edges but often smoothes the way.
  • Mr Spirit- Level – can see both sides of the story but actually is lazy and just sits around. One day someone will burst his bubble.
  • Pablo Plane –can smooth all the roughness away but can be superficial too.
  • Danny Drill – he’s just boring!
The children were a real credit to the school during the morning and were great hosts – offering our visitors the cakes and talking politely.