Exeter Museum Trip

Exeter Museum

Class Two went to The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. They took part in a range of Egyptian activities. First there was a tour of the museum where a volunteer pointed out some of the interesting Egyptian artefacts scattered around the museum. The highlight of the tour was the sarcophagus of Au Sep Shep Mut. She was an unusual mummy as her insides had not been removed before mummification. 

Next, they took part in a mummification ceremony using a specially designed doll. The children were able to remove the brains and organs before bandaging the mummy and dressing her for the afterlife. After that, the children learnt how to play the Egyptian game of Senet. Finally, they went to scribe school and learnt all of the things that 9 year old scribe children would be taught to do. It was a very busy but enjoyable day.