Tiverton Museum

Tiverton Museum 

Class Two had an exciting trip to Tiverton Museum for a Victorian Experience day. The children took part in four different workshops across the morning and had the chance to explore the museum in the afternoon.

The first workshop was all about Victorian toys and the children had a go at playing with reproduction toys. There was a big difference between rich and poor toys as the poor children often only had a tin of rocks. 


The second session was in the parlour where the children learnt about everyday life and objects. They learnt that toilets were often at the bottom of the garden and so at night time they used a potty that was kept under the bed. 

The children then went to a Victorian school with a very strict teacher! They learnt how to write in a Copper Plate style.

Finally they all went outside to have a go at washing! It was hard work and would often take hours just to collect the buckets of water needed. The children scrubbed sheets on a washboard and squeezed the excess water out with a mangle. 

When they returned to school they wrote some fantastic recounts of their day.