Visit to the Spacedome

Space Dome Visit

Class Two journeyed to Branscombe to take part in a Federation Space Day. During the morning, the children were lucky enough to experience the Star Dome experience where they could see all of the stars in the Northern Hemisphere from the comfort of the village hall. Whilst some children were in the Star Dome, the rest of KS2 took part in activities run by Miss Moss and Mrs Redding. With Miss Moss the children created timelines covering the history of space travel and with Mrs Redding they used their sewing skills to stitch constellations on to felt whilst listening to some constellation stories.

In the afternoon, the children all came together to take part in a 'Race to Space' game. Each group was given a country and a set of resources to  start their own space program. The children soon discovered no one had everything needed to create a rocket and the trading began. After a furious hour of trading and building, not a single country had a complete rocket so a winner was decided on the value of resources each country had at the end. The winners were the UK with a staggering £4,500 of money and raw materials. 

It was great to have the whole federation together for such a busy and exciting day