Daisy Daisy

The children took part in another very successful Ready, Steady, Write day.  The theme for this term was Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do. 
The day started with an introduction to the song and its links to the Victorians. The children really enjoyed singing it and learnt the words very quickly. They soon noticed that the song was about a wedding and so the children set about planning a wedding! They divided up into different groups: the wedding party who went to the church for rehearsal; the invitation group; the confetti and decoration group and the order of service group. Each group beavered away all morning and by lunch, they were ready for the wedding. In the afternoon, they all made their way over to the church to await the arrival of Sophia -the bride. Charlie- the groom- was eagerly awaiting the guests with Nick- the Vicar and they were greeted by the Bridal March played by the church warden. 
After the fantastic ceremony, they returned to school, ready to write a diary about their afternoon.
A big thank you to Cecile for playing the organ and all of the parents who provided outfits for the children.